Sunday's delight

Sundays delight.

If there was something I truly needed today, it was this
– being able to lay under the sun listening to music & just let go of everything.
When I first got out on the upper deck it was cloudy & while I was getting comfortable it started to rain.
But I stayed & swept a towel around me.
Twenty minutes later the sun luckily came through & the clouds faded away.
For some moment it felt like nirvana,
I dreamt away & got fueled up on life.
Now I’m capable to manage a new week of work.

I’ve been onboard Figaro a month by now.
Regarding my training-plan, phase one of three have come to an end.
During these thirty days I’ve had twenty-five workout sessions.
Perhaps it’s to many, I could use some more time to recover the muscles,
especially after the weightlifting.
On the other hand I’ve been compensating this with a large amount of food.

Below you can see some statistics.

Next step, phase two,
is basically to rest every third day & don’t eat after six o’clock in the evening.
Concerning the variety of training,
it’s going to be more time on the crosstrainer & spinning bike instead of jumping rope.
The number of reps while weightlifting is going to be six to eight instead of twelve to fifteen each set.
Also the number of different exercises is going to be less than before.
In my training log at ShapeMeU you can see a photo presenting my daily shape
- taken directly after today’s workout

Even if it was quite windy outside I decided to jump some rope before the dinner.
It was harder than I estimated,
the wind frequently changed direction as I was up on the helicopter pad.
Although it went pretty good,
Skrillex playing on the mp3 made my heartbeat rise & I was longing to put my teeth
in a big piece of meet as a reward.


By early Monday morning, around 5 o’clock, we will be in Fremantle – Australia.

Since we left Réunion last week it has been much work & we have turned the clock advance one hour almost every night.
That’s why I’ve not been able to update here as much as I wanted.
The few hours being off duty I’ve been sleeping in my cabin or at the gym.
Hopefully I will get some free time this Sunday to recover & prepare for future events.
We are seven hours previous to Swedish timeline.
And in Australia we’re starting to exchange the Swedish crew,
their ten to twelve weeks are done & they all looking forward to sign off.

I’ve finally done my income declaration tonight,
heads up for you who haven’t – it’s ‘bout time. During the days I have all these things I want to write you,
except now when I’m sitting here I don’t remember any of it.
It’s a shame.
There’s so much going through my mind, not only things concerning the work onboard but life in general.
More sleep – yes please indeed.

A new schedule for Figaro has been located in the duty mess.
3’d July we’ll be in Southampton again. To get all my 96 days onboard & thereby finishing the 300 days limit for the certificate I need to stay no less than to the 5’th July.
At the moment there’s this dilemma,
am I going to stay that long & just anticipate that I’m allowed to stay further than the 5’th,
otherwise be forced to get an extra practice period for minimum 28 days in addition to previous.


Or sign off in the middle of June (Peace & Love) & thereby be required to get another practice period for minimum 28 days to reach my 300 limit.
Winnie the Pooh on this one, rah.

Gerry & I welded toghether some shells for the gasket material earlier this week.

Le Port


First that day I assisted in the engine department at arrival.
Then the deck cadet rang down & asked if I would like to go ashore.
Only a half hour later we’re signing the ashore-papers & started to walk of the ramp.
Just as we sat our foot on the cay the heaven opened up & a heavy tropical rainfall came down upon us.
Even though, we walked for 20 minutes to reach the gate & the kind guards let us inside their boson.
They thought we looked ridiculous thus we were soaking wet & tried to call the seaman’s service so we could get a ride.
It was Sunday,
so they didn’t open until two o’clock & we went back to the vessel to change clothes & eat lunch.
And as a good sign the weather had switched over to a clear sunny sky when we left the ship for the second time.

When we started to approach the city I got this fantastic impression & instantly wanted to stay there a long time. The people were relaxed & toke pleasure in the easiest things.
In their gardens they had bananas, mangos, grapes, pineapples
– all kind of fruits. Everywhere you went you saw cats, chickens, dogs, parrots & lizards.
Sadly almost every market was closed,
but we kept walking & finally found a bar/restaurant with maritime interior.
Even if it was three-four in the afternoon it was such a heat,
we sat down in the shadow & ordered cold beverages.
The owner was a mademoiselle & since we sat there for several hours we actually got to know her to the point where she drove us back to the harbor.
She made a good sale that day haha.
When the sun had gone down two more crewmembers found the bar it was a good way to end our ashore experience.

I will post another time when I had time to get the rest of my pictures & write some more.

Back at Figaro we started the stowage search after a quick change of clothes.
By midnight we were at open seas again & I could go to bed after an extraordinary day.

Now we got four new crewmembers onboard.
They are working on the OPCON’s prototype
– a system that is going to take surplus energy from the vessels machinery & use it to produce electricity instead of going to waste.
So there are many people in the engine areas nowadays which is fun.

The fire exercise that I have been working on together with the deck cadet went over expectations.

Before I go down to do the evening round I planned to take an hour to exercise,
today it's drag-muscles day.



Kawaida 600

I'm sitting in the engine control room, listening to sweet music for my morose mind.
It's Saturday night, though I don't really feeling it haha.
The machinery roars as we're driving at full speed to the harbor Le Port.
Which is located on the french Island Réunion, east of Madagascar.
Once more the seawater has increased to around 30 degrees & the air outside is thick & humid.

While the days pass me by my appoach to life itself is chaning.
Although my moments of reflection is limited,
the distance to all that is ordinary & common makes it possible for me to see the bigger picture of it all from a more prosperous perspective.
Speaking for myself, what is important, what is of true significance?
The yearning desire of a brighter tomorrow or the idea that the present is worth dying for.
We only got this one chance to either illuminate our existence or fuck it all up.

Your arm around my shoulder made ​​me feel dauntless,
I never felt lonely & home was where we had each other.
That sense of well being is what matters to me.

Durban 18th

Durban 18th

Much has happened since I wrote here last time.
First of, we came to Durban the 18th – a day out of the ordinary.

At half past four that morning I got a phone call from the Bridge watch announcing that we’re soon to receive pilot into harbor. After I got dressed & freshened up I went down to the engine control room.

Second engineer & I started to prepare for arrival = a lot of running around. Then I went up to the fire station to assist the two smoke divers who should be standby when the helicopter appears. There were two pilots coming onboard, one woman & one man. Safe & sound they got to the bridge looking comfortable with their responsibilities of getting us safe into port.



It was a successful arrival with the tugboats in front greeting us with their water cannons as it was our first time to appear in South Africa after the official birth of the ship. When the ramp had been lowered & the stewardess had started to get the cargo ashore the real work started. Together with the first engineer I began the inspection of the cylinders, piston grooves & scavenge air receiver on the main engine. For several hours we sweated both outside & inside the engine. You can see the picture below of the scavenge air belt. It was roughly 80°C in there & we had to put on an extra suit over our overalls as protection. So we looked like one of those guys in white suits dealing with radioactive materials. The last half-hour of cleaning inside the belt I felt like I was going to faint right on the spot. Dehydrated & all dirty I was finally complete & got myself a shower before I entered the galley to enjoy a well deserved dinner.

When the sun had started to go down it was time to start the stowage search. A company with specialized trained dogs came onboard, we guided them through the engine areas & they were impressively effective. The cute dogs seemed to like their jobs but it must be very tiring to do that all day in this kind of heat. Both dogs & leaders got as many cookies they liked before they went up the elevator to search the rest of the vessel. As far as we know they didn’t find any stowage’s, but it’s not rare that there is a few hiding in the cargo, hoping to get an easy route out of the country.

Later that evening I got to do the whole departure procedure surveyed by my trainee-supervisor. It went fine though I was pretty dead beaten by the day so far. And we wasn’t finished until midnight because there had been a delay with the pilot who should get us out on the open water.

So after that 18 hour working day it was unfortunately time for a night of interrupted sleep, four different alarms went off – forcing me to go get down to the engine control room. You can image how glowing I felt the next day when I ate my porridge trying not to fall asleep in it. I still haven’t recovered myself from it all.

Now we’re Southeast of Madagascar steering forth to Port Reunion, expecting to be there by Sunday morning.  Till then.



ETS 597

Outside my cabin the sun is going down once more,
it colorizes the sky & sea so stunningly that I don’t want the moment to go by.

Soon I will put on my training gear & get loose in the gym.
During the day I’ve been constantly hungry even though I haven’t been doing any kind of exhausting work.
Mostly I’ve put my mind into arrange this weekend’s big drill,
which is generally focusing on fire fighting & common safety knowledge.
Now when I reflect upon it though… It could be the heavy sea’s that enhance this state of appetite.
Anyways, we’re steering east/northeast & will take onboard a pilot for Durban early next morning by helicopter winch.

I managed to take a picture of Cape of Good Hope around half past four o’clock one morning.
I ran out from bed with the camera in my bare boxers, keyed up as a child on Christmas morning.
Roy, who’s apparently up smoking very early in the mornings laughed & flirted mockingly as he saw me.

Later that day we sailed passed the southernmost point; Cape Agulhas
I have so far seen; Fly-fish, Dolphins and alot of strange birds.
Still on the list is Whale, Sea turtles, Porpoises & African Penguin.

Here's a picture I took when the Second Engineer is welding some handles on a manifold. 

Σε κάτι καλό



Tomorrow by midday we’ll have reached Good Hope of Africa,

the weather has already gotten a bit rough & our big beauty of a vessel has started to rock n roll it’s way forth.

So this Sunday I’ve put my efforts into an environmental-certificate test & later rewarded myself with some last sun-drenched time by the pool.

Usually there is no hard work on Sundays,

which is cherished because the crew need that time to clean their clothes, cabins & so on

– also to rest & get their mind of the work for a while.


The crewmembers from the Philippines’ have a half year contract onboard & they’re only home for three months.

I do admire their devotion to it;

most of them have big families back home who they provide with love & security by sacrificing their own comfort by choosing this way of life.


It isn’t going to be any workout for me tonight,

partly because of the heavy seas & besides I need a full day of body recovery to cope with the upcoming week.

Now it’s time to pick it up a notch, tighten the total energy intake & be more effective during the sets.


My mind has mostly been elsewhere than onboard today.

The gift I’ve opened up last night got me melting from the inside & out,

it utterly made me in high spirits.

First I didn’t comprehend it all but that’s me alright.

I’ve been giving it all a lot of thoughts since I left ground that morning in Gbg.

You know I’m glad to have you in my life & I think highly of you no matter what.

Give me an honest chance to patch up this absence when I get back.






Duty Deadman's





Erm hi, I’ve just eaten ox filet with banana sauce in a freshly baked pita after a pretty superior workout. My body & soul are peacefully balanced, waiting to fall into a night of profound sleep. But first I’m going down to the engine room to do the evening round. For now & a long time onward (hopefully) I’m doing the duty watch, thus meaning that if there is an alarm in the engine department I have to get down there & sort it out – regardless the time. In my cabin I have an alarm panel & I also got a beeper on my belt. Otherwise the working hours & everything are the same as before.


Though it’s Saturday there’s a calm vibe going through the accommodation tonight. There are just a few members in the recreation room drinking beer & listening to indie rock. Yesterday we all got invited to the bar by the Chief Engineer, it was pleasant – those who showed up brought their own drinks because earlier the Captain opened up the beverages store. We played poker & told bold seaman’s stories until it was time to withdraw to our cabins.


It’s now gone two weeks, just before I go to bed tonight I have a red gift to open up,

haha that’s right – I’ve saved it as agreed.



Eutrigla Gurnardus

I surpassed it..

All I can tell you is that we were six people that got kidnapped & locked up.
For three hours I sat in the incinerator-room, thirsty as fuck,
because I was the very last one to be chained & turned over to the gods.
As you can see on the photo's they shaved my hair - Last Airbender style.

They also painted & got me marked before they smutch clay all over my body..

The rest of the details are our secret though.. haha.

I'm somewhat impressed & strangely overwhelmed by the ceremony.

Photo from Gerry,
I've just stepped out on the open deck & got blinded by the light as the two guards came forth & chained me.




There’s 30°C in the seawater & tomorrow by noon we are at zero degrees latitude.

I’ve learned that the equator is 40,075.16 kilometer long & clearly the length of day & night are equal every day of the year.

Seeing as we have sailed beyond Sierra Leon & Liberia we’re now steering east into the Gulf of Guinea.



During the eleven hours of today’s work I’ve been forced to drink up to three liters of water.

Hot, moist, sweaty & exhausting.

But a productive day nevertheless, I’m learning more & more.



At the moment I’m reconsider my options of the day’s workout,

the plan was to do some variety of cardio except my head feels like a melted marshmallow…



Yet I dreadfully need something to lighten my predicament.







As I write this, it’s gone just over a week since I came onboard.

I’ve been adapting to the vessel & it feels like this could be my home for a while.

After the working hours on Friday I took my mp3 & lay down on top of the deck as we just had sailed past the Canary Islands. The sun was so strong that I couldn’t touch the deck with my bare skin without burning myself. I woke up at the same spot an hour later, thirsty & a bit dizzy. But after some cold cups of water & a handful of grapes I decided to get on with today’s workout – an hour jumprope on the bow in the pleasant weather. I tipped it of with a fresh bathe in the pool before I got dressed for the nights barbecue party.

We all got t-shirts from one of the company’s owner and the Captain held a speech while we toasted in champagne. With the sun set in the background we ate & drank as we got a bit closer to one & another.

It was a day to remember & I got one hell of a tan.

Saturday at five o’clock we laid eyes on a beautiful Easter dinner – a three-course feast with Scandinavian flavours. Everybody seemed to enjoy it, though it was different to the international crewmembers traditions.

Summary, it has been a good first week & it tends to stay just as good. The gym is complete & the pool is filled up. I work from 6 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon so the time flies past me.


If some of you are interested in my training log you can find it here,

my username is “”
















































We're now cruising down the African west coast at full load with a speed of 19 knots.

Initially we run the engine in Economy mode,

thus providing for a more efficient passage down to Durban harbor regarding fuel consumption and environmentally friendly voyage.

But after a call from the person in command of the charter demanding an arrival 3 days earlier than expected we had to step it up.

So the 18th this month we’re expecting to reach South Africa.

Every day that passes by the air gets more humid and the temperature rises,

in 3 to 4 days we will make the equator.

The last cadet onboard got his hair and one eyebrow shaved off at the “first time to cross the equator by vessel”- ceremony.

I sure hope that they don’t touch my hair,

I would cope with anything other than the shaver scam.


Today the gym is getting together nicely,

some of the deck crew had lifted the delivery pallets from the car deck up to the accommodation deck and now I’m going to do the rest.

I will post some pictures when it’s finished

– It can’t really get any better than this on a commercial vessel.

The plan is to do some kind of exercise after working hours on a every day basis,
whether it’s a relaxing walk outside on the deck or a heavy session in the gym.
Here is a basic gym workout schedule that I’m going to try out for some weeks,
combined with jumprope, running or spinning as a warm-up;

1.  Barbell squats: 1 set of 15 reps

2.  Pull-overs: 1 set of 12 reps

3.  Bench presses: 1 set of 15 reps

4.  Standing barbell presses: 1 set of 10 reps

5.  Bent-over barbell rows: 1 set of 10 reps

6.  Standing barbell curls: 1 set of 10 reps

7.  Stiff-legged dead lifts: 1 set of 15 reps

8.  Crunches: 1 set of 20 reps



And I should comment my internet connection,

it’s so freakishly slow that I can’t either upload my new mix-track nor any pictures for the blog.

It takes 20 minutes just to get this browser here so I can write this.

On occasions however,

I will borrow the ships-office to use the faster priority net so I can post some few photos here.

Although the workout-mix-track won’t be released until I can get ashore. Sadface haha.

Till then


Le Havre

1 April, second day onboard.
We arrived at Le Havre harbour in France today.
Beautiful weather though to the cold breeze.
I've been familiarizing myself in the machinery spaces & accomodation area.
So far I'm impressed by the vessel..
Lenght 227,8 m
Beam 32,26 m
Height to upper deck 34,7 m
Gross tonnage 74258 ton
13 car decks
Car capacity 7879 pcs

The engine room is bright & genuine clean.
My odds of having a pleasant stay here is higher than I hoped.

Now it's time to hit the gymnasium,
going to valuate the April_Workout_Mix
- which is in progress & hopefully released tomorrow.

Till then

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