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I ate this big & tastefull dish for lunch today, felt like a king afterwards.
Since it's Saturday & I was hungry but not that peckish for anything with
noodles or rice I decided to try something new.
Offcourse it's a bit more expensive than just go with the ordinary menu but hey
- 150THB for something you know you'll be a 100% satisfied with, that's nothing to consider.

I bought the ingredients myself at the fresh food market;
Paprika, onion, lime, tomato, cashew nuts & a large chicken breast.
Then I went to a "We cook for you"-corner nearby & they put their magic into it.

Last day of eating whatever I want, 5 days of cutting down on carbs awaiting.
Approximately I'll burn 1500kcal a day & thereby I should be eating 3000kcal
but hence I'm only 1kg from match weight I'll be settled for cutting down a 1000kcal per day
= 2000kcal intake = No problem.

All the techniques except frontkicks feels good by know & my trainer is positive.
The running I'm doing for warmup if the weather allowes me takes 20 minutes in high tempo,
I got my mp3 with me & I enjoy that part more & more each day.
Back in the gym I take 5 min of jumprope & 5 min of tire-jumping as an addition to the running.
If it's raining or if the streets are flooded I'm doing 15-20 minutes of jumprope inside the gym,
then 10 minutes of tire-jumping before stretching & wrap hands at the same time
As fit-up I'll do 300 crunches after every session,
sometimes with the trainer baffling a thai-pad on my stomach & sometimes without.
30-40 necklifts with a weight of 14kg is now also included in my program.
Every third day we'll increase everything from the lenght of the warmup to the tempo of the rounds & the number of crunches ect.
Then if I want to, I'll do some strenght by my own in the gym, for example; legs, chest or back.
Two days ago I went for my very first massage.
Oh, I can't explain how good it was.
For about an hour I got my feet & legs treated & I almost fell in a state of coma, haha.
The masseur thought it was funny because my arms where playing some kind of trick on me,
when she pressured a certain point hard under my foot my hand just snaped up in the air like if I had tix hehe.
By the end I got cleaned of the oils & the masseur did a quick treatment on my neck & shoulders while explaining some intresting facts about why & how our muscles get in a state of stiffness that could last for weeks.
This is something I'll do maybe twice every week,
got to take the oppertunity while being here right.
The effect lasted that whole day & all night aswell, I felt relaxed & soft inside.



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