I ate this big & tastefull dish for lunch today, felt like a king afterwards.
Since it's Saturday & I was hungry but not that peckish for anything with
noodles or rice I decided to try something new.
Offcourse it's a bit more expensive than just go with the ordinary menu but hey
- 150THB for something you know you'll be a 100% satisfied with, that's nothing to consider.

I bought the ingredients myself at the fresh food market;
Paprika, onion, lime, tomato, cashew nuts & a large chicken breast.
Then I went to a "We cook for you"-corner nearby & they put their magic into it.

Last day of eating whatever I want, 5 days of cutting down on carbs awaiting.
Approximately I'll burn 1500kcal a day & thereby I should be eating 3000kcal
but hence I'm only 1kg from match weight I'll be settled for cutting down a 1000kcal per day
= 2000kcal intake = No problem.

All the techniques except frontkicks feels good by know & my trainer is positive.
The running I'm doing for warmup if the weather allowes me takes 20 minutes in high tempo,
I got my mp3 with me & I enjoy that part more & more each day.
Back in the gym I take 5 min of jumprope & 5 min of tire-jumping as an addition to the running.
If it's raining or if the streets are flooded I'm doing 15-20 minutes of jumprope inside the gym,
then 10 minutes of tire-jumping before stretching & wrap hands at the same time
As fit-up I'll do 300 crunches after every session,
sometimes with the trainer baffling a thai-pad on my stomach & sometimes without.
30-40 necklifts with a weight of 14kg is now also included in my program.
Every third day we'll increase everything from the lenght of the warmup to the tempo of the rounds & the number of crunches ect.
Then if I want to, I'll do some strenght by my own in the gym, for example; legs, chest or back.
Two days ago I went for my very first massage.
Oh, I can't explain how good it was.
For about an hour I got my feet & legs treated & I almost fell in a state of coma, haha.
The masseur thought it was funny because my arms where playing some kind of trick on me,
when she pressured a certain point hard under my foot my hand just snaped up in the air like if I had tix hehe.
By the end I got cleaned of the oils & the masseur did a quick treatment on my neck & shoulders while explaining some intresting facts about why & how our muscles get in a state of stiffness that could last for weeks.
This is something I'll do maybe twice every week,
got to take the oppertunity while being here right.
The effect lasted that whole day & all night aswell, I felt relaxed & soft inside.





Everything is wet, haha.. the rain just won't stop.

Since I went to bed last night it has just poured down constantly.
I even got a small flood going by my window.

Today I ate stired beef with pepper & egg + a rain-soup for lunch.
On my way back to my room I got an orange slush shake witch I thought matched the weather flawlessly.
I've got no problem taking my shoes off & walk with water up my knees for a while..
The benefits are many; No traffic to watch out for, no sellers & no sun protection needed ect.

Everyone is inside taking shelter & feeling good about themselves because they’ve got an excuse for not working or go somewhere.



Is it possible to get more satisfied at lunch for only 40THB (9SEK)..
Sorry for being short or so the last days but hey - I can't sit at the computer all day.
My statics for last week showed that I've burned up to 6700kcal monday to friday..
Luckily the food here is as great as I was expecting, hehe





Wan Sook

Two photo's from the boxing stadium,
I got impressed by these younger athletes
- already very skilled & a lot of fighting spirit.
Here's some bodyparts I've been learned earlier;

Mouth - Baak

Head - Hua

Arm - Kan

Leg - Ka

Hand - Meu

Foot - Tao

Finger - Niew Meu

Toe - Niew Tao

Elbow - Kha sok

Knee - Hua Kow

Ratatat – Neckbrace

Baba (FRA)


Last night I went to Bangla Boxing Stadium together with the Fight Factory's team to watch & support Baba fight. This was his fifth fight here in Thailand & his performance was definitely something he could be very proud of. Weighing in at 154 pounds. The whole stadium seemed to enjoy watch him fight & they were cheering for him throughout the last rounds. Even if he did a great effort & obviously was the audience favorite the judges scores announced his opponent as the winner. It’s a pity when money gamble interacts with the decision instead of letting a young fighter get his well-deserved win, because that’s exactly what happened here. But since we’re in Phuket & that’s something that happens frequently there’s nothing to about it than just letting it go.


I truly enjoyed it all & tried my best to take some good photo’s for you guys.


 Both of my trainers were there coaching & assisting Baba during the whole night.

At the picture above is Panadin (+500 fights, B-card)

& below to the left is my other trainer (+550 fights, A-card).


 Todays track;



Whoa, one spicy bowl of deliciousness.
If it wasn't for the good taste & that I really need some proper food after the training I wouldn't carry on finishing it up. This was absolutely in the spiciest of tastes for me.

In my fridge I got a big cluster of bananas.

I ate one directly at the bazaar,

it had so much taste & it’s probably the sweetest banana I’ve ever eaten.

By now I’m sitting in my chilled room & listening to some Otis Redding,

drinking water & making some plans for tomorrow.

Though, the bed looks quite inviting.. a long night of sleep in those white sheets would probably ease my muscles & unravel mostly of what’s on my mind.






If there’s something I would want right now it is to have my dearest girl right here beside me so I could hold her in my arms & let her know how much she means to me.

Ray LaMontagne – You Are The Best Thing

- Karp

After the morning training I went straight down to lé playa.
Washed my sweaty training clothes in the sea, drank a smoothie,
stretched & then just laid in the waves for a hour haha.

Miike Snow – Enter The Jokers Lair
Crookers – Hummus - The Slow Waves Remix
Chechen – Sverige + Sverige - Hassan Lur Remix

Fight Factory



Yepp, so this is Fight Factory's facility, some of it at least.
When I took these photos after the morning session yesterday,

Panasin (see picture) where talking about one of his last fights against a big Japanese guy.
He gave me a dvd with his last three fights at Bangla Boxing Stadium & when I watched it later I was numb,
even if he's a bit old, a bit short & have a large BMI he kick's ass.

Together with Panasin I'll train the power of the strikes & he's all about the raw power & body control.

But mostly of the time I'll be working with another trainer with the different techniques in striking, defenses, footwork, attitude & pace.

He's all about that it shall look beautiful & controlled while entertaining the crowd.

I can hear him already in my mind saying "Balan, Bala'an - yeeh"

- balance that is, it takes a while to get used to the thai-eng.


Almost everything I've learn before back home in Sweden I could throw right down the trash.
The techniques they use are a whole different thing & I slowly starting to understand their view of the sport.


There's basically more brains behind the training here & they see it as the Art of Muay Thai.







I like it like it
Snakka San & SVER – Owee - Mr. Bubblehead Remix

Tofu & Shit


Before I went to bed last night I ate some noodles on the balcony.
Just across the street there is a small restaurant & I can see both the serving area & the whole kitchen.

I'm just on the second floor in my building & they got this panorama window which is always fully open right into their kitchen. Cozy street this one actually, no bars or street sellers.

It was quite some entertainment to watch the head chef scream & throw food in the trash when she noticed the lack of competence from one of her co-workers. There's a high working pace & a lot of soul is put into their dishes. I’m keen to try it out some day.


Now it's time for todays first Muay Thai training & I've been eating sushi as my pre-workout meal.

With a long nights sleep I'm fully focused to bring my best game!





Hot indeed, been laying down at the beach the whole day until I noticed that I've got a bit sunburned.
For a 150THB package I got a sunbed, towel(with a naked girl on, eh?), two grilled meals,
chilled water, no beach salers & they even kept my bag safe when I went running for 40 minutes.
Because there is someting called high- & low season here in Thailand one can get very much value for the spent money in the low season while be forced to pay overprice when it's high season.
Low season;              April 16 (after Songkran) to October 31, coinciding with the rainy season
High season;             November 1 to April 15
Almost everywere, I've been able to discuss the price & since I know some thai they often thinks I've been here before & that I know their lowest range of price.
With food on the street ect the easiest & fastest way to get around cheap is to first decide what your willing to pay,
(have some background knowledge what is a fair price)
then hold the cash in your hand & let the salesman know what you want for this.
If they think it's reasonable & noticed your confidence they'll accept it & throw in some extra sauce in good hope that you'll return another time.
Probably they won't be as easy as that, since they are out there eager to make profit they will give you a higher price. If you only stay put & consist with your price it won't take more than three bids from the saler until he/she accept your price in order to let someone else come forth to the stall.
Some personal advices if you want to get a descent deal with a local on more expensive products;
¤ Be serious, might smile but don't ever laugh
¤ Know some basic phrases on their language, be polite & kind before starting the bidding.
¤ Say that your planing to buy 3 or more of the item your intrested of & then start to bid down a good package price for those. When you're satisfied with the offered deal & from start having in mind the price you willing to pay for one item - bascially you say that you'll take only one for the price of the package divided by the number of items. Come up with a understandable explanation (lie) why you suddenly only buy one, for example that you will try it out & check the quality before coming back & buy many many more.. or that you want to check with someone close to you before closeing a larger deal.
¤ Have your own calculater & write down some calculations on a pice of paper while bidding with the saler - mostly for show
¤ Use eye contact & study the product carefully while being a bit disgruntled of the quality, a small gesture with your mouth or head will do - don't be disrespectfully.
¤ Keep the conversation concentrated on the product & deal, don't get distracted by their business or smooth talk.
 ¤ Walk away & tell them your sorry for taking their time if you doubt that you'll reach your price range, in the best of cases that's actually when they give in & you could close a deal.
But for f sakes, don't bother if you ain't got enough cash to cough up or if your not a hundred procent certain that you want to buy the product. There should be a win-win situation & you shall always act with dignity.
Familjen – Djungelns Lag
Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)
Mash Up International – Lava Cabeza


I've just checked in to my new room,
I got this for only 500THB a night & there's aircon, safe, wifi, flatscreen cable tv, fridge & cleaning.
Since I got a spot for one weeks Muay Thai training at the Fight Factory's gym twice a day together with a wellknown trainer this location suits me perfectly aswell,
only a 5 minutes walk to their facility.
Sorry for being short in writing today,
but it's almost twelve o'clock & the sun is shining so I better be off to the beach.


Resting in my room after the morning training, last day staying at APK.



Last night I took a walk to get something to eat before bed.
Two hours later I notice the time & find my way back to APK,
I got distracted by the surf event;
Quicksilver Thailand Surf Competion, 12 - 15 sept.
There was a huge Roxy fashion show in Jungcylon Center,
pretty crowded & noisy - good entertainment.
A VIP area infront of the catwalk & special guest apperance by the end..
Some surfergirl/model from the states who made the crowd go bananas,
I've got no clue who it was though haha.














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