Masan Korea

I made another video today during my sweet Sunday workout.
But it seems youtube doesn't like it when the account is reach from 3 different world zones during 1 month,
so for now they have locked the account & I'm to tired to do shit about it - sucks.

If one's wonder why I haven't been posting more & as good updates lately it's simply because I don't feel  very well.
Neither the time or energy is found.
Nuf said. Peace

Incheon - Korea

Incheon, Korea. Short visit in the Sinpo-Bong area.


Shanghai John

Shanghai the 22'th




Here's so hot that I've been changing tshirt four times during the working hours.
I'm somewhat yearning for a swim in the chilly cold water at the swedish westcoast.
Haha but still, I aint complaining
- I sat forward, right over the bulb bow, earlier & admired the beautiful Indian Ocean.
The surface was like a mirror & the colour of the deep blue is alluringly beautiful.

A tired dude is about to visit his beloved hammock,

Pomps & Pride

Sunday Sunday, blessed Sunday.

When I got up this morning I could establish that I’ve been sleeping for more than eight hours straight for the first time this month.
Almost forgot the feeling.
Breakfast tasted better than ever & I got some laundry done & my cabin cleaned before I started to prepare for my Sunday workout.
It got to be jumprope up on weather deck for 50 minutes combined with shadowboxing.
After that I hastily went down to the gym & finished off with some weightlifting.
During the time on deck I convenient got some tan,
even if it partly was cloudy the heat was very intense so I actually feel a bit dehydrated.

The dinner today was so delicious, our chief cook is one in a million.
He bakes us his own bread in the weekends & there’s always a lot of salad available,
not even once since I came onboard I’ve been disappointed while entering the dining area.
Damn, as all these "off duty"- Saturdays I’m now able to get fueled up on life so I could cope with the upcoming week.

My new supervisor is neat & we share a few interests.
So far he seems like a good guy.
There’s three "OPCON-service technicians",
five standard engine crewmembers,
one extra engineer for the OPCON & one new third-engineer who is getting familiarized.
And there’s me, so all summed there’s eleven of us in the engine now.
Much coffee & running around.

I’ve uploaded a short video from the workout earlier.
It’s kind of a halfway form check as well.
Though I haven’t been able to train & eat as I was planning the past two weeks I still got some optimism through it all.
The working hours have forced me to eat more & also late (by night)
& the lack of sleep have been resulting in weak workouts.
Well well, that’s life at sea.

Just so you know,
I’ve tried calling now when the VSAT is working again but I can’t get through. Miss you.


Short visit in Brisbane,
third largest city of Australia with their 1,9 million souls.
We got a lift in to the city's core by a very kind stockbroker & he got us to some of the best bars in town.
At one place I wasn't allowed to go inside because of my Tapout tshirt haha, wtf.
I got myself some souvenirs & a great last experiance of Australia.
Now we are heading for Shanghai & the weather is beyond expectations,
the pool is once again filled up & we no longer have to advance the clock 1 hour every night.
I'm gonna try to write some more tomorrow.

You'll see, I got back on board by 22hundred last night & at the same time we started the stowaways search.
When that was done, nothing found, I assisted with the departure procedures.
No longer than ten minutes after we had started things up we got an alarm on high temperature.
The suction-chests for seawater was both clugged with jellyfish.
So I spent the night lifting up & replacing the highsuction chest.
Thus including cleanseing the clugged one.. mh yummie.
At half past three I was finished,
today have been a tough day & I'm desperately longing for bed.

Melbourne 5th


Last night I was ashore in Melbourne along with the Chief Engineer & the Officer apprentice.
The weather wasn’t the best but it didn’t matter at all.
What a impressive city this was,
it’s not that big & all as one thought before
– nevertheless it had a special kind of architecture & rich cultural atmosphere.
After we had walked through the urban parts & came into the city core we sat down at Gloria’s Jeans & ordered some coffee.
Then we continued to the South Bank,
were a place which suitable called "South Gate" is located.
The river stretches pass here & then down to the harbor & further down to the sea.
Before we decided to find a nice place to eat,
we visited a very luxurious hotel, casino & museum
– like all in the same building.

At the bar/restaurant we later ended up at there was this bartender from Sweden.
Really trevlig girl, she was here in the name of love. Aw.
I got the chance to taste kangaroo meat & watch Australian football.
Alongside the bar the locals were playing some kind of cricket’s sport.
Maybe it was because I was sober – but I’ve never been at a place that loud.
Some was drinking & chattering,
some screamed at the ongoing game on the TV,
some folk’s just were screaming of happiness & some were screaming while playing pool.
Haha. Summary; very pleasant stay in Melbourne.

And I slept like a baby back at the ship afterwards.
The night before I was on the watch & some tricky alarms
 therefore I only got 2-3 hours of sleep before it was time for the arrival procedures at early dawn.
Today I’m more of a human if you know what I mean.
Tomorrow we’ll reach Port Kembla near Sydney.
Three of our Swedish crewmembers are signing off.
I’m cited to meet my new working colleges & at the same time I will miss those I’ve got to know too this point.

My workout today is going to be long & intense.
All the fine things I’ve been eating has built up a source of energy in me which is about to get unleashed.
Get ready.

Some more photos from Melbourne, edit 7th may

4th Workout Treasure

More than a month late, well now it's here.
So yesterday I did some changes & added some more tracks into it.
It has been uploading during the night on a locked computer.
33.3 MB @ 128 kbps

35.33 min length
Some of the artists included;

Miike Snow
Veroncia Maggio
Beastie Boys
Lykke Li
Beach Boys
Richie Spice
Major Lazor
Dada Life
Lilly Allen

Enjoy workout!
Try to understand how the story is told & you might get the message.


Hey y’ll,

There isn’t much I can write to you this time.
I’m feeling a bit out of order,
basically the past couple of days been rough on me.

The ship’s time is the same as the Australian, so we’re 8-9 hours before UCT,
resulting in that one’s is very tired the whole day until dinner is served..
then you’re on the alert as ever,
however – that’s about the time you should be preparing to fall asleep again.

I’ve somewhat lost my energy & just want the week to end by now.
On the positive side it’s luckily been better this afternoon & I hope to get myself
a bombastic workout before this day has come to an end.

Till then -

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